Project Orca

Project Orca

A watch made in the UK, based on an automatic Seiko movement, a PVD coated stainless steel case with sapphire glass and see-through case back, skeletonised hands, two wrist bands and a travel pouch – which also supports a good cause with every purchase?

If that sounds good, we have just the right project for you!

Let us introduce you to our latest watch (available here).


It took some time to find the follow up for our Series 1 watches. We wanted to bring something to the market that builds up on our existing model but adds meaningful details to make it a more unique timepiece. While testing out some of our dials, the colour scheme of one particular dial became so recognisable that an idea was born. This watch, in its design aligned to the famous orca whales, would not just be a mechanical trinket and fashion statement. With the current situation and appalling fate of whales and dolphins being held in captivity, hunted or caught as by-catch in fishing nets, we wanted to support those who in turn support whales and dolphins around the world.

After discussing our idea with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) we created a pledge on WorkforGood to donate £20 for every watch sold to their work. Additionally as a thank you for your support, the local UK artist Gemma Carter designed an exclusive painting, which will be included with every purchase.

This has been quite a journey for us, with a lot of support and positive feedback from all parties involved. As such it is now our great pleasure to present to you our newest model.

Applied indices, skeletonised hands, see-through case back

The watch

Similar to our Series One, this model is built around the NH35 automatic movement protected by a black coated steel case and ultra-scratch resistant sapphire glass.

Our watches are built in London. We assemble the watch, regulate the movement to +/- 10 seconds a day, seal the case and test it for 10 ATM or 100m water pressure resistance. After that the watch will go through final quality checks, receives their wrist band and is safely packed and shipped in a travel pouch. You will have a 12-month guarantee on this watch and we are always available, if there are any mechanical issues during or after this time. We chose the NH-35 movement for its reliability and longevity and as we build our watches in-house we can repair any potential damages or failures. 

Project Orca - Watch details

The case

The case, sitting on your wrist, is the part that you will touch and feel every day as it protects the intricate mechanic heart of your watch. We chose a well-tested diver case, made of PVD coated stainless steel (316L) with crown guards and screw down crown to seal its inside against water and dirt. The back of the case reveals the movement of the watch with the ever-spinning balance wheel. On the front the case is equipped with a flat sapphire crystal, ultra-resistant to scratches of any kind.

Close-up view of case and see-through case back

Dial and hands

The face of the watch – all in black and white giving you the highest contrast possible. The matte-white dial has applied indices and a date-window at 3h. Sweeping over this surface are the skeletonised hands, combined with a lollipop seconds hand. While lume would have increased the visibility at night, orcas don’t have a similar feature, so we remained true to this inspiration.

Details on dial and hands

The movement

You don’t by a mechanical watch because you want to check the time. You can do that just as easily on your mobile phone. You pick a mechanical watch because you love what it stands for and the meticulous work that goes into assembling this small mechanic treasure on your wrist. Powered by nothing but springs and cogs, the mechanism measures precisely the seconds passing during the day. We want you to see this mechanism in action – that’s why our cases come with a see-through window at the back revealing the movement in all its glory.

Built by Seiko, the NH-35 (basically an unbranded Seiko caliber 4R35) is one of the best-known automatic movements in the world of microbrands. It is well regarded for its high reliability, precision and ease of services and repairs.

The movement is boosting 24 jewels, a diashock anti-shock system (a spring loaded mount for the jewel holding the balance wheel to protect against damage from dropping),  a 41 hours power reserve after fully wound and a bi-directional winding rotor using Seiko’s magic lever technology (the rotor is connected to a clutch that sits outside of the central shaft, thereby simultaneously pushing or pulling on the transmission wheel to wind the mainspring).

Furthermore, the movement boosts hacking seconds (movement fully stops when you set the time) and can be wound by hand, if you haven’t worn the watch in a while.

The NH35 has a central seconds hand and date window, which can be changed with a quick-set function to quickly skip days forwards. While Seiko claims an accuracy within -20/+40 seconds, we additionally regulate the movement before the watch is shipped. While this doesn’t guarantee the accuracy will remain on that level and ultimately depends on outside factors, care and maintenance, we want to make sure you get the best results possible from your watch. 

NH-35 movement - visible through the case back

The straps

This watch comes with our sailcloth watch strap, made of Nylon 900D canvas material. Its durable and water resistant at light weight, albeit a bit stiff in the beginning (which will fade over time). The strap comes with quick release spring bars, enabling you to remove and exchange the two bands within a few seconds. On the other end of the strap, you will find an engraved buckle with polished sides and brushed front. Our sailcloth straps are 75/125mm long.

But what good would it be if you can change your wristband without having something to change it to? That’s why we will include a second strap made of FKM rubber if we hit our funding target. FKM rubber (part of Fluoroelastomer) is a more advanced alternative to silicon or the usual rubber strap. This material offers better resistance to atmospheric influence, oil, acid or chemicals and high temperature, in addition to being fully water resistant. This makes the straps ideal for any water or sports related activity. As you will probably use them for more active situations, our straps also have a lock-in mechanism for the strap end which holds the end securely down with a special eyelet and octagonal hook. The straps are 75mm and 130mm long, fitting comfortable on your wrist.

With two straps per watch - sailcloth and FKM rubber, both equipped with quick release
Watch measurements

Our pledge

There are around 90 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises in the world known, collectively as "cetaceans". All have in common that they are facing a plethora of challenges: being brutally hunted, trapped for amusement in tiny tanks, caught as bycatch in fishing nets or exposed to a changing environment through pollution, oil exploitation and spills, and shipping noises. The more we researched the current situation, the more it became clear to us that we couldn’t just produce a watch that claims to take inspiration from whales. We wanted to make people aware of the horrible threats cetaceans are facing and support the work that is being done for them.

We got in touch with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), the leading global charity dedicated to the conservation of whales and dolphins. With their help we developed our pledge, to donate £20 to their work for every sold watch. This will be an ongoing commitment with more details on WorkforGood.

About Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC)

Whales and dolphins face huge challenges, but WDC is determined to fight for them wherever and whenever we can. We’re not a huge organisation with limitless resource, so we’re making sure we focus our expertise and passion on the most important areas and where we believe we can make the biggest difference.

End captivity

Around 3,600 whales and dolphins are held  in tanks. But the tide is turning. People like you are boycotting captive attractions and supporting WDC to fight to end captivity. We have campaigned successfully for holiday companies such as Virgin Holidays, British Airways and TripAdvisor to stop selling trips to SeaWorld and other facilities that hold captive whales and dolphins. We have also helped prevent the opening of new facilities and helped achieve a total ban on keeping whales and dolphins in captivity in India, Croatia, Slovenia and other countries.

Our focus is on:

  • Creating sea sanctuaries where captive whales and dolphins can be retired to a more natural environment or, where possible, prepared for a release to the wild
  • Stopping the supply of whales and dolphins to captive facilities
  • Ending demand for whale and dolphins shows

Stop whaling

More than 1,500 whales, and even more dolphins, are killed in hunts every year. And the whalers make no secret of wanting to kill more. WDC is determined that this won’t happen and, for over three decades, we have successfully fought to defend the international moratorium on whaling against those who would overturn it.

Our focus is on:

  • Fighting to stop whaling and dolphin hunting in Europe, Japan and around the world
  • Reducing demand for whale meat
  • Promoting whale watching as a sustainable alternative

Prevent deaths in nets

Hundreds of thousands of dolphins, porpoises and whales die in fishing gear every year. It’s brought some species to the brink of extinction. WDC has helped ban – or change – damaging fishing practices that can kill whales and dolphins.

Our focus is on:

  • Working with governments to ensure laws are toughened up to stop dolphins, porpoises and whales dying in fishing gear
  • Teaming up with scientists and fishers to find safer fishing methods
  • Fighting to save species on the brink

Create healthy seas

Water covers over 70% of the world’s surface, yet only a tiny percentage is “protected”. And the threats of commercial fishing, plastics and pollution are combining to make the whole ocean unsafe. We’re calling for 30% of the ocean to be protected by 2030. It’s an ambitious target but it would benefit lots of species, including humans.

Our focus now is on:

  • Working with local communities to locate and maintain protected areas
  • Working with international bodies and governments to designate protected areas in the places whales and dolphins need them most

To find out more about their work and their success over the last years, please visit their homepage (, follow them on social media @whalesorg or on their YouTube channel below.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation is a UK registered charity (no. 1014705).

A unique artwork by Gemma Carter to remember your contribution

We think your support for this project deserves a thank you. While you will always have your watch to remind you of this, we also wanted to include something special. For this matter we found a fantastic supporter in local UK artist Gemma Carter, who agreed to provide us with a unique artwork capturing the spirit of this project. She has been a partner of WDC and other charities with her artworks, donating a large share of her sales. If you are in the area around Plymouth, you can also see her artwork in the local shop Green Space, based in Mutley.

The artwork will be included with every watch commemorate this project and your role in it. You can see more of Gemma’s artworks on her Instagram account (@gemmacarterart) or on her homepage (

Pictures by courtesy of Gemma Carter

About FINK Watch Supply

We are an independent watchmaker near Kings Cross in the heart of London, building a small number of watches every year. Being close to the locations of former great watchmakers who shaped the foundation of modern mechanic watches as pioneers of their time, we are offering hand-built mechanic watches in a variety of designs.

Continuing what Thomas Tompion and George Graham started more than 350 years ago with their work on clocks and time keeping, we offer you our UK made watches assembled, regulated and tested directly from our workshop to your home.

All our watches are built by hand, carefully assembled to the highest standards. Once the watch has been assembled and passed the first stages of quality control, we start the regulation of the movement to ensure your watch will fulfil its mechanical purpose and indicate the correct time. After the watch has been regulated, we will seal the case and test it with our in-house equipment to water resistance of 100m (tested for 10 ATM or approx. 1 mega pascal).