Can you ship to other countries outside of the UK?

Yes, we can ship to countries outside of the UK, including EU & USA, and shipping fees are automatically added at checkout. We also offer free UK shipping if you buy one of our kits. 

Please note that any import taxes and duties for shipments outside of the UK are responsibility of the buyer and you may be charged by the delivery company at receipt of the package. 


How difficult is the assembly? Can i do it without prior knowledge? 

Our sets are designed to be simple, requiring no further knowledge or extra tools. You will notice that you won't even need a screwdriver throughout the entire process.

Additionally, we explain the assembly in detail in our YouTube channel, our watchmakers blog and of course we are available if you have any additional questions.

You should expect 45-60 minutes to assemble the watch and get familiar with the components, but this is not a race so take all the time you want to understand the tools and videos. 


I broke or damaged a part of the kit - can you send me spare parts? 

Don't worry - we know that parts, especially in watch making, can break. A twisted second hand, a deep scratch in the dial or similar accidents are nothing you need to live with for the lifespan of your watch. We can send you spare parts for our kits, some of which you can find in the product section. If you broke a part that is not yet listed, please reach out to us. 


Can i return my kit, if i don't like it? 

Of course you can. We offer you a 30-days money back guarantee, if you dont like our kits. Just send us an Email and we will provide you with all the information you need to ship the package back to us. 

Please note however, that returned kits needs to be unopened and all components must be unused for us to reimburse the full purchase price to you. 


Do you offer a warranty on your products?

Yes, you have a one-year warranty on the watch movement (which is really the only part that can break). Please note that since we cant test if you assembled the kit following our instructions, sealed the case correctly and screwed in the crown before getting wet, we cant offer you a guarantee against water damage.

However, you would perhaps be surprised to hear that we are aligned with most watch manufacturers in this matter. If you would like to learn more about water resistance and the safety of our cases, please take a look at our water resistance test blog entry