Part 4: Water resistance test
Our watch is fully assembled and you have probably worn it already for a few days. Today i would like to introduce you to one important check for watches - Water resistance. All our cases are rated as 10ATM water...
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Part 2: Hands installation
Following the installation of the dial, we will now go through the installation of the watch hands onto the movement. This is the most difficult part of the installation, please take your time to get comfortable with the hands, tools and instructions.
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Part 1: Installation of the Dial.
This blog post will explain the process of installing the dial onto your movement. If you are starting with this blog entry, i recommend before you start you take a quick look at our watchmaking tips & tricks section. We...
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Our Movement - The Seiko NH35
We use the Seiko NH35A in our kits, used by numerous large and small brands all over the world. The movement has 24 Jewels, beats with 21,600 beats per hour and has a power reserve of 40 hours. The movement...
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If you are ready to build your own watch, take a look at our full range of DIY kits containing all parts and tools needed to build an automatic diver watch.

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